16-Inch Base MacBook Pro vs. 16-Inch High End MacBook Pro | Speed Test

Happy New Years! I hope everyone had an amazing time spent with their families. In this video, we pit up the Base Model 16-Inch MacBook Pro vs The Fully Spec’d (all but storage) 16″ MacBook Pro and put them head to head to see if upgrading and configuring your new machine is worth it. How much better in terms of performance is the fully spec’d model vs the Base? How does the 5500M Graphics card with 8Gb of GDDR6 Memory compare to the base 5300M with 4GB Compare? What about the 6-core i7 processor vs the 8-Core i9? This video took excruciatingly long to complete, film and edit but it was all worth it so you guys’ will be better versed when making your final purchase. I hope this video helped!

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